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Fathers’ Rights

Helping Fathers Get Custody And Visitation With Their Children

As a father, you want to spend as much time as possible with your child. You want to have a say in their upbringing, and you want to have a good relationship with them. However, you sometimes feel as if family court is against fathers when it comes to custody and visitation.

I am attorney Mark Hill. At my Lawrenceville law office, I am determined to protect fathers’ rights when it comes to obtaining physical and legal custody of their children. Gwinnett County courts have an obligation to treat mothers and fathers as equals, and I will work to obtain a fair custody and visitation arrangement for you.

Understanding Paternity Vs. Legitimation

In the state of Georgia, paternity and legitimation are two separate legal concepts. Paternity is when a man establishes that he is a child’s biological father. However, in our state, establishing paternity does not grant a father child custody or visitation rights. To access these rights, he must file for legitimation.

What Is Legitimation?

When married parents have a child, the court generally assumes that the husband is the biological father. But if you are no longer with your child’s other parent, then you must go through a legal process called legitimation to establish your parental rights. To legitimate your child, you must file a petition for legitimation with the court. Without legitimation, you may not have the right to custody or visitation with your child.

Contact My Firm To Discuss Your Rights As A Father

As a skilled fathers’ rights lawyer, I can give you clarity and guidance with your custody and visitation issues. Call my Lawrenceville office at 404-418-8353, or contact my firm, Mark Hill Attorney At Law, LLConline. I offer free consultations and flexible scheduling.

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