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Child Custody

Helping Parents Secure Custody And Visitation Rights

As a parent, nothing is more important than your children. You are determined to protect their rights and yours when it comes to custody and visitation. You want as much time with them as possible so that you can have an influence on their lives and raise them to be happy and healthy.

I am child custody attorney Mark Hill. At my Lawrenceville-based law firm, Mark Hill Attorney At Law, LLC, I help parents obtain custody and visitation rights with their children. My firm can also assist you when you need to create a parenting plan, modify an existing custody or support order, exercise your rights as a father or terminate custody.

The Importance Of Parenting Plans

The state of Georgia requires that all child custody cases include a permanent parenting plan. Because your family is unique, you must have a unique parenting plan in place. I can help you create a comprehensive parenting plan to accommodate your family’s specific needs. A comprehensive parenting plan can help you and your ex co-parent circumvent future conflicts.

Can I Change My Custody Or Support Order?

If your life has changed significantly since the court issued your child custody or support order, you can petition to modify it. This means that you would appear in court and explain why the existing order is no longer adequate. There are several reasons to modify an existing order such as:

  • You or your child’s other parent is moving out of state
  • The child is at least 11 years old and has expressed a preference to live with one parent
  • The other parent is abusing drugs or alcohol
  • There are credible allegations of child abuse

Talk About Your Child Custody Case With An Experienced Lawyer

If you are a parent who needs legal counsel on your custody case, contact my office in Lawrenceville at Mark Hill Attorney At Law, LLC, today.

Call 404-418-8353 or reach me online. I provide free consultations and flexible scheduling hours.

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