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Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney Assists with Parole & Probation Matters

Skilled lawyer helps with post-conviction relief and appeals for clients in the Lawrenceville area

If you are convicted of a crime, there may still be legal help available, including guidance through the post-conviction process. Post-conviction assistance includes help with probation, parole and appeals. At Mark Hill Attorney At Law, LLC, as an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I help clients in the Lawrenceville area and throughout Georgia to understand their legal options for parole, which is the conditional release from incarceration, and probation, which specifies the terms of their release and may help them avoid incarceration or serve a shorter sentence with continued supervision. I also assist clients with appeals if their convictions can be questioned on legal grounds.

Knowledgeable Georgia advocate handles post-conviction appeals

If an error was made during the course of your trial, you may have grounds for an appeal. There are time limits for filing an appeal, so it is best that you seek representation at Mark Hill Attorney At Law, LLC as soon as possible after a conviction, whether or not I represented you in your original trial. If you are successful with your appeal, your conviction may be overturned and you will obtain either a new trial or a release.

I have extensive experience with post-conviction criminal appeals. I thoroughly review the court records, looking for mistakes made by the judge or prosecution that could lead to a successful appeal.

Determined defense attorney assists with probation

In probation, people convicted of crimes are placed on supervision in the community through a probation agency. Probation can take the form of deferred-adjudication probation or straight probation, also referred to as “community supervision.” This is an alternative to jail or prison time. Deferred-adjudication probation means that the charges will be dismissed upon the successful completion of your probation. Straight probation means you were found guilty. With either kind of probation, jail or prison time always remains a possibility if you violate the terms and conditions of your probation agreement.

Both types of probation may require several court-ordered conditions, and failure to comply with the terms of probation will likely land you in jail. It is best to consult an experienced lawyer if you have violated your terms of community supervision or probation and before admitting to any violations. You may have defenses and grounds to fight your probation revocation.

Experienced attorney advises you on parole

Depending on the sentence, people convicted of crimes may earn parole, or time off their sentences for good behavior and other positive signs of rehabilitation. Conversely, you can lose credits for good behavior by committing criminal misconduct and other misconduct. I advise clients on parole, including preparation for parole hearings. I also represent individuals charged with parole violations, to protect their rights and freedom.

Contact a dedicated Georgia defense attorney for help with probation, parole and appeals

At Mark Hill Attorney At Law, LLC, I represent clients throughout Georgia in parole and probation matters and post-conviction appeals. I utilize my experience and knowledge to seek the best possible result. Call Mark Hill Attorney At Law, LLC at 404-414-6102 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.

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